Identification of the source (6 columns)


A consecutive number which identifies each entry (detection) in the catalogue.


A unique number assigned to a group of catalogue entries which are assumed to be the same source. To identify members of the same group the distance in arcseconds between each pair of sources was compared on the two-sigma level of both positional errors. A maximum distance of 7" was assumed, which was reduced to 0.9 * DIST_NN (distance to the nearest neighbour) where necessary. See Sec. 3.3.2 a) for a more detailed description.


The IAU name assigned to the unique SRCID (see Sec. 3.3.2 b)).

SRC_NUM (J) SAS task srcmatch

The (decimal) source number in the individual source list for this observation; in the hexadecimal system it identifies the source-specific product files belonging to this detection (Appendix A.1).


The IAU name of the 1XMM source ID (matched within radius of 10" and using the closest candidate), see Sec. 3.3.4.

SEP_1XMM (E) [arcsec]

The distance between this source and the matched 1XMM source (MATCH_1XMM) in arcseconds.