Examples of Processing Problems:


Brighter CCD in the image is not represented in the exposure map:

[000446-M1] [000446-M1]
 EPIC M1 image (netscape)  EPIC M1 image with sources overlaid (netscape): the edge due to the difference in brightness causes many spurious detections  

Fainter quadrant of CCDs in PN not represented in the exposure map:

[000489-PN] [000489-PN]
 EPIC PN image (netscape)  EPIC PN image with sources overlaid (netscape)  


Bright outer CCDs in PN, probably corrupt data:

 EPIC PN image (netscape)   


Central CCD in M2 is shifted

[000921-M2] [000921-M2]
 EPIC M2 image (netscape)  EPIC M2 image (ds9)  


Apparently inverted image (outside of FOV is brighter):

 EPIC PN image (netscape)   


Only central window observed (special observing mode but called 'PrimeFullWindow'):

 EPIC M2 image (netscape)   


Dimmer central CCD despite the same GTIs for all CCDs - possibly failed special observing mode

 EPIC PN image (netscape)   


No counts in the image despite good exposure time:

 EPIC PN image (netscape)   

Screening Notes Example: Version 29.05.2003