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eexpmap (eexpmap-3.37.4) [xmmsas_20070308_1802-6.6.0]

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This section documents the parameters recognized by this task (if any).

ParameterMand Type Default Constraints
Name of EPIC FITS image
Name of attitude file
Event file (for input of bad pixel and exposure extensions)
expimagesetyeslist of filenamesexpimage.fits 
Names of output exposure images
If true the exposure map will be output in detector coordinates. In this case, bin type of input images has to be DETX, DETY.
Set to true to make the program read time selections performed on the dataset$^2$
if set to true exposure map will include vignetting
if set to true a speed increase of up to a factor of two is achieved, at the cost of inaccurate exposures values in border pixels
If true event patterns will be read from parameter 'pattern'; if false the data subspace extension of the dataset will be accessed instead (not yet implemented)
patternnostring' ' 
Event pattern types may be specified in the following format (example): '0 1 2' for pattern types 0 to 2 (0 referring to single events) $^1$
badcleannointeger [0$<$param$<$5]
Cleaning around bad pixels and borders: Value 1 will exclude 4 immediately neighbouring pixels; value 2 will also exclude diagonal pixels (see section description)
Positional accuracy parameter (arcseconds), changes in the attitude less than attrebin are ignored when rebinning the attitude data.
use information on EPN offset columns
threshold for column offset; columns with offsets $>$ hducut will be excluded
Lower energy boundaries of exposure images
Higher energy boundaries of exposure images
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints

$^1$ Note that in the current calibration database PN pattern type 1 refers to all non-single events.
$^2$ DSS support is currently limited to TIME range and gti filters, as well as to CCDNR selections. Note that parameter writedss of task evselect must be set to true when creating the input image for task eexpmap.

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