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esplinemap (esplinemap-4.4) [xmmsas_20070308_1802-6.6.0]

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Change history

Revision no. Date Author Comments
0.1   HB draft
1.0   HB submitted for task approval
1.1 1998/11/06 HB minor changes
1.2 1999/07/12 HB parameter names changed
1.3 1999/09/20 HB BOX_SIZE dependence of cut-out radius
      removed from description.
1.8 2000/01/25 HB version number set to code version number
2.0 2000/09/25 HB number of spline nodes now user selectable
2.1 2000/12/20 HB description of parameter mlmin
2.2 2001/01/15 HB new keyword NDOF mentioned
2.3 2001/01/26 HB description of new/redefined parameters
2.4 2001/03/16 HB parameter idinst removed
2.7 2002/01/09 HB default values of withexpimage and withdetmask changed
3.2 2002/04/15 GL included out of time events in background map
3.5 2003/06/29 GL extended task description in response to SPRs SSC-SPR-3075, SSC-SPR-3012
4.0.2 2004/02/25 GL Describe new option ``fitmethod=model''

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