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XML: escape sequences

In text and attribute values, you need to escape ASCII characters like the angle brackets ($<$$>$). Most common encodings are:

  "   &quot;
  <   &lt;
  >   &gt;
  &   &amp;

For example, the text:

  "Me, Myself & <I>"

should be encoded in XML as:

  &quot;Me, myself &amp; &lt;I&gt;&quot;

Alternatively, you may escape the full string by enclosing it with the CDATA (character data) section. A CDATA section begins with the nine-character delimiter $<$![CDATA[ and ends with the delimiter ]]$>$:

  <![CDATA["Me, Myself & <I>"]]>
The only thing that can not go inside the CDATA section is the end-delimiter itself.

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