XMM-Newton SSC: XID: Public Data

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Data Release

The initial public release of data from the SSC XID Programme comprises:

  • OPTICAL IMAGES (link to IoA Cambridge)
    • Multi-colour CCD images from the INT Wide Field Camera for (currently) 77 XMM-Newton fields, together with comprehensive quality control information.
    • Further images, and object catalogues for all fields, will be added in the near future.
    • Details of the identifications of X-ray sources in two XMM-Newton fields which are the subject of the first XID programme publication, including links to optical finding charts, optical photometry of potential counterparts and reduced optical spectra.
    • These results are described in Barcons et al., accepted in A&A, 14-Nov-2001.
    • Identification information for further fields will be added as the XID programme progresses.

Release Policy

The SSC is committed to releasing all XID programme data to the public domain, indeed this is a requirement on the SSC in the context of its role within the XMM-Newton project.

The timescales for the public release of XID programme data are dictated by the need to release only data which are fully processed, well-documented and well-understood. The initial data release represents only a fraction of the XID programme data which has been taken since the inception of the programme in mid-2000. Further data releases will take place in the near future.

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